Soo.. what's this Less Guilty Coffee Map all about?

So glad you asked 🙂 We’d love you to explore the world through our spotlight and join our less guilty coffee movement!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when thinking about how to be more sustainable or less wasteful. What would be less impactful? How can we lighten the load. How can we be more responsible consumers? Sooo many questions…

In the coffee industry, as much as in any other, action is needed for sustainability, but feeling gloomy is not the solution!

So we’re shedding some light on the situation and showcasing all the actors and initiatives worldwide doing their best for a less impactful coffee cup. Coffee roasters, cafes, not for profits and more.

This map is for you.

Find coffee shops, roasters and any coffee initiative around you that have positive environmental / social missions and go support them. Make this movement stronger and light the way…

So many sh*tty puns, but real talk. Let’s create a less guilty coffee map together. Support those making a difference and inspire others. xoxo